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The mandate given to the laboratory animal facility at CSCR is on "humane care, management and supply of small laboratory animals of quality" for scientific research activities at the institution. The animal care facility is located in the basement of the building in a total floor space area of 5000 sq. ft with 6 animal rooms. The facility has got double corridor system to facilitate unidirectional movement of personnel. The 'clean' corridor is for the movement of the animal facility staff and animal users only. The 'dirty' corridor is for the movement of unsterile bedding, cages, and trolleys. This facility at CSCR is under the supervision of a full time veterinarian. It is registered with the Committee for the Purpose of Control and Supervision of Experiments on Animals (CPCSEA), Ministry of Environment and Forests (Animal Welfare) Government of India (Reg. No.88/1999/CPCSEA). CSCR complies with the Government of India policy on animal welfare and all other applicable central, state and local laws. All protocols are submitted for review to the Institutional Review Board and Institutional Animal ethics Committee (IAEC)

Salient features of the facility

  • Barrier maintained facility with Individually Ventilated Caging system for animal breeding, holding and experimentation.
  • Temperature and relative humidity of the animal rooms are maintained between 20 to 25 C and 30 to 70% respectively throughout the year.
  • Temperature and humidity monitored round the clock through individual room sensors.
  • Photoperiod of 12 hrs light and 12 hrs dark maintained through automatic lighting system. Light intensity (300 lux) and noise level (< 65db) maintained as per CPCSEA regulations.
  • Ad libidum supply of UV treated autoclaved R.O water and irradiated commercial diets to the animals.
  • Regular health monitoring programs to ensure healthy animals to the experiments.
1 BALB/cJ Mouse Inbred Strain
2 C57BL/6J Mouse Inbred Strain
3 B6;129S4-F8tm1Kaz/J Mouse Mutant Stock; Targeted Mutation
4 B6;129S4-Pou5f1tm1Jae/J Mouse Mutant Stock; Targeted Mutation
5 B6.129P2-F9tm1Dws/J Mouse Congenic; Mutant Strain
6 B6.CB17-Prkdcscid/SzJ Mouse Congenic; Mutant Strain; Spontaneous Mutation
7 CD-1 Mouse Outbred
8 Sprague dawley Rat Outbred
9 FVB/N crl Mouse Inbred
10 C.B-17/Icr-Prkdc<Scid>IcrIcoCrl Mouse Congenic


Protocol form for research proposals to be submitted to the committee/ Institutional Animal Ethics committee, for new experiments or extensions of ongoing experiments using animals other than non human primates.


Record of Animals acquired and experiments performed (To be maintained by the investigator)


Format for submission of Progress/ Final report to Institutional Animal Ethics Committee


Animal request form - Form for requesting the animal facility to supply the required animals for the IAEC approved experiments.

Contact Us

Aparna Venkatraman, Ph.D
Faculty Incharge

M.D. Pratheesh, M.V.Sc, Ph.D
Scientific Officer

Hemanta Kumar Maity, M.V.Sc,
Veterinary Officer

Phone: 0416-307-5126 / 5124 / 5101