Organization » Steering Committee

The Steering Committee which is chaired by the Director, CMC, Vellore and consists of relevant administrative officers of CMC, Vellore as well as the Core Committee members to provide an administrative interface between CMC, Vellore and CSCR. The Head, CSCR is the member secretary.

Members of the Steering Committee:

Director, CMC, Vellore Chairperson
Associate Director - Finance, CMC, Vellore Member
Associate Director - General Administration, CMC, Vellore Member
Associate Director - Human Resources, CMC, Vellore Member
Principal, CMC, Vellore  Member
Medical Superintendent, CMC, Vellore   Member
Treasurer, CMC, Vellore Member
General Superintendent , CMC, Vellore Member
Vice Principal Research, CMC, Vellore Member
Members of the Core Committee Member
Head, CSCR, CMC, Vellore Member Secretary